In the Notes & Assignments section on your dashboard, you can easily keep track of coaching engagement with your coaches. On the main page you will be able to see a list of coaches you are working with or you have worked with in the past. Dates of your 1st sessions (a complimentary session or a paid coaching program session) with each coach will be listed under First Engagement.


In order to view information about your coaching engagement with a coach you can click on the coach name.

On the individual coach page, you can see all the coaching programs included in your coaching engagement with the coach, when at least one session of that program has been marked as occurred by your coach.


You can see the session notes your coach leaves for you by clicking the + button next to the session you want to review.

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Switching to the ASSIGNMENTS tab, you can see any assignments your coach creates for you.


View the details of an assignment, including due date, instructions, and attached documents, by clicking on an assignment. If your coach needs your response to the task or submission of deliverables, you can do that by clicking on ADD RESPONSE. Once you have completed the assignment, check it off and your coach will be notified.

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