To contact a client for the first time, go to the “SESSIONS” section on your Coach Dashboard. Find the session card of your client and click on the “MESSAGE” option on the session card, and you’ll be redirected to message your client.


 You can also go directly onto the “MESSAGES” section through your dashboard. From there, you can look for a specific client’s message thread. On the message thread list on the left, you can also see who is currently online or having unread messages.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 1.54.22 PM

Each time you receive or send a message, you or your client will receive an email notification as a reminder to check the platform.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the messaging function is for surface level inquiries and to coordinate with your client. If you want to address more in-depth questions, please do so through a complimentary consultation or a paid session with your client.